Our bedroom suites are premium quality and combine space, light and clever design to create a tranquil area to relax. All rooms may be furnished with your personal belongings, for example your favourite pictures, a special armchair or any other creature comforts you wish to bring.  

In addition to the larger living areas at Abbey Gardens each bedroom wing has a smaller relaxation space with kitchen facilities and pleasant views. These breakaway nooks are the perfect place for a quiet chat, soothing cup of tea or space to read a few chapters of your favourite book.


Choice of rooms

Our bedroom suites vary in size and amenities to suit your individual needs. The costs associated with each suite vary to reflect the room choice.

The types of rooms available include:

  • Juliette Suites - Large private single rooms with en-suite and Juliette balconies
  • Deluxe Suites - Large private rooms with ensuite, many with direct courtyard access
  • Premium Suites – Large private single rooms with en-suite, many with direct courtyard access

It is important when considering an aged care residence for yourself or your loved one, to take into consideration the amenity of the aged care home, its environs and services in its entirety.  Remember you and/or your family wish to have a comfortable, satisfying and well cared for quality of life in your new home.

Aged care facilities vary in design, construction and features and some service providers have gone to great expense to provide an attractive liveable home. It is important that you observe and compare the following:

  • From the entrance: car park, gardens and undercover portico/entrance
  • The space - the general communal area, the passages, the lounges, sitting rooms and dining rooms. The general spaciousness and ambience and the decor. These areas and feature are all reasons why charges vary at different levels at different facilities.
  • The extra touches: Library, Cinema, Spiritual area, Lifestyle areas, Café/Bar, Hairdressing Salon, On-site Medical consulting room, gas-lit fire places, and more.
  • The outdoor area’s: balconies, veranda’s, portico’s for dropping off/picking up residents

Abbey Gardens is designed to present you with quality choices of accommodation and lifestyle options. We have a selection of bedroom suites that will suite your choice, needs and financial situation.

Bedroom Suites vary in size, layout and features and accordingly Bedroom Suite prices also vary based on the room size, layout and features.
There are 3 Bedroom Suite options:

  • Premium Suites
  • Deluxe Suites
  • Juliette Suites

It is important to know that types of bedroom suites can be negotiated to suit your requirements.


Room Charges

There are 4 Bedroom Suite Fee options:

Room Type Description Size (m2) Room Price DAP
Juliette Suite Single room, private ensuite & Juliet balcony 28 to 30 $750,000 $ 122.47
Deluxe Suite Single room, private ensuite & some have direct courtyard access 26 to 33 $ 650,000 $ 106.14
 Premium Suite Single room, private ensuite & flower balcony 23 to 26 $ 550,000 $ 89.81

 Each of these rooms are of varying sizes and offer different features. These will be explained to you when you tour Abbey Gardens and inspect all the services offered.